On the 20-03-2015 MWAG received the appeal decision from the Planning Inspectorate that;

MWAG LOCATION No 1 Bishopthorpe Wind Farm nr Tetney has been APPROVED on the recommendation of the Planning Inspector, Mr Philip Major to The Secretary of State DCLG Eric Pickles MP. The Secretary of State has agreed with the Inspector's recommendation. Click Here to read the full decision & the Secretary of State's conclusions.

MWAG after carefully reviewing all of the Inspector's recommendations to the Secretary of State, including the statement (at para 23) that;
the Secretary of State is not convinced that the weight of public opinion here is against the proposal as firmly as suggested,
considers that the Inspector in his recommendations has been seriously mislead by the Appellants' case and evidence submitted at the Bishopthorpe Farm appeal inquiry, particularly the outrageous assertion that the local communities legitimate environmental concerns and opposition to this wind farm was NOT overwhelming.

All 13 local Parish Councils registered their objection to this Dominating Overbearing application to in effect form a 10 turbine large scale wind farm, along with 832 letters of objection from within the closest local impacted communities.

To support their case & evidence at the inquiry as an extremely late submission, ASC Renewables (the Appellant) presented 372 letters of support canvassed by activist's they had commissioned, predominantly from Louth town centre miles away from the site and signed by persons unlikely to be directly impacted by the wind farm.

MWAG representing the strong views held by the local communities intends to register a serious complaint to the new Secretary of State DCLG, that we collectively consider our concerns have NOT been given sufficient weight under the 'localism agenda' and therefore they appear to have been subverted and compromised.

We consider that this damaging decision makes a mockery of the present Conservative Government's commitment to LOCALISM and the Government's policy statements that Renewable Energy generation should not over ride the environmental concerns of local communities.

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The Tetney Protest meeting was well attended Download the MWAG Presentation Here

Download the MWAG flyer publicising the Protest Weekend to see an accurate representation of The Grimsby Dock Tower compared to one of the 8 Bishopthorpe Wind Farm 115m high turbines. HERE

Download and sign the MWAG Bishopthorpe Wind Farm Decision petition to be presented to the Government HERE
If you have not already signed this & please pass on to your local concerned friends and family.
Please register on MWAG's contact box if you want to do this for further information Click Here

MWAG flew a blimp at the maximum height of the proposed 8 turbines at 115metres to the blade tip, on the Humberston Nature Reserve just North to the Bishopthorpe Farm site see location map below.
Click Here to download pdf
Click Here to download pdf
Click Here to download pdf
On Saturday 09 May MWAG held a Protest meeting at Tetney Village Hall.
In the MWAG Blimp photo gallery below you can see a representation of the visual impacts. Remember the blimp is flying at the height of JUST ONE proposed wind turbine with a maximum height of 75m to the hub, each with 3 blades approximately 40 metres long.

Imagine the impact of the entire wind farm adjacent to the 2 operational turbines which are 100m high to blade tip.

More Bishopthorpe Wind Farm Protest updates to follow :
Click Here to download pdf
Presentation of petition to Victoria Atkins MP on 28th September 2015. Publication released 13th October 2015.